Saturday, October 27, 2007

Albatrossen zijn zó stom...!

Eén foto zegt méér dan duizend woorden...

De hele bedoeling en inhoud van dit onnozel weblogje wordt samengevat in deze foto van David Littschwager (en Susan Middleton) in DeMorgen Magazine van vandaag: de maaginhoud van een dooie albatros...of: 250 gram beschaving die het arme dier fataal werden...

Meer info

Uit een weblog:"Unlike the program last week, this lecture included a lot more discussion of conservation and the damage that human civilization has inflicted on these habitats. They told a heart-breaking story, illustrated with photographs, about a young albatross that they watched from hatching until it was almost ready to take flight. He lived near the shed in which they worked, so they called him Shedbird. After molting all of his baby chick feathers and starting a few test runs on flying, Shedbird suddenly started seeming listless. After a rapid decline, he died. One of the scientists they worked with was curious as to what had happened to this seemingly healthy bird, so they performed an autopsy. When they opened up Shedbird's stomach, they found that it was completely filled with plastic. Pieces of trash - lighters, bottle caps, plastic bags shreds, toy pieces - all debris that floats in the ocean. The image of this bird's body opened up and filled with the plastic was horrifying, and they actually took a picture of all of the plastic trash after it had been emptied out of the body. There were probably more than 100 pieces. Curious and disgusted, the team performed more autopsies on birds as they died and found the same thing. In fact, the photographers said that on these islands, part of the cycle of life is that birds that die quickly decompose and you find the bones along the beach often. They said they often see rib cages of dead birds that are still filled with plastic debris. This human trash is literally killing these animals."

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