Sunday, February 10, 2008

Plastic: Greenpeace schiet eindelijk wakker...

Jaaaren te laat; maar beter laat dan nooit: Greenpeace heeft eindelijk het plastic-probleem ontdekt.
Hun onderzoek in de Pacific leverde schokkende resultaten op:

'Plastic Pacific

by Adam, onboard the Esperanza

Adam holding the first sample of the day
©Greenpeace/Alex Hofford
The scientific sampling program has now begun in earnest. Our pelagic
marine debris sampler, the courageous and now very well travelled "yellow
thing," has been in action twice. Skimming a meter-wide section of the
ocean's surface, it collects everything floating past, down to 0.3 mm in
size. The initial findings are not good. Considering the narrow strip of
water that we're sampling, the hundreds of plastic particles found
paint a shocking picture. Of course, from the ship we've seen the odd bottle
or fishing buoy floating by. However, other than that, the water looks fine;
crystal clear and beautiful. Yet, in reality, out here, in the middle of
nowhere, the sea's surface is a floating mosaic of plastic. We have
collected a diverse range of particles; mostly fragments of indeterminable
origin but also a number of pre-production pellets (negligently spilt by
industry). '

Lees hun volledig artikel hier

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