Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leven zonder plastiek !

Jeanne Haegele doet het ! Ze bant alle plastic uit haar leven; de ene dag lukt dat al wat beter dan de andere, maar al bij al loopt het blijkbaar toch redelijk goed, al meer dan een jaar.

Iets straffer dus dan de 20 dagen van Lotte bij Peeters&Pichal , maar vooral meer gemotiveerd:
Ze weet waaróm ze zonder plastic wil leven.

Why on earth would anyone give up plastic? There are ample reasons.

Americans send huge amounts of plastic to landfills each year – almost 60 billion pounds in 2006 alone. Some plastic never biodegrades, and most of what does takes hundreds of years. It is difficult to recycle, and evidence of plastic's negative health effects is mounting. Then there's the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a vast, swirling soup in the Pacific Ocean where wildlife is threatened by plastic refuse trapped in the currents.

Last autumn, thinking over these worrisome facts on a bike ride through the streets of Chicago, I started to wonder whether it would be possible to live without plastic. It seemed unlikely, especially since everything in the supermarket is wrapped, if not double-wrapped, in the stuff. How could I avoid it?

But I decided to go for it. I would conduct an experiment and give up everyone's favorite polymer.

Haar artikel in de Dallas Morning News

En net als Lotte op Radio1 vindt ze het fantastisch dat ze neen zegt tegen overbodig plastic:

I'm almost completely plastic-free these days, and I'm lovin' it !

Haar blog Life Less Plastic -Leven Zonder Plastiek

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