Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Say no to plastic...

Een Amerikaanse blog met hetzelde doel als wij:

to inform and educate as many consumers, corporations, businesses, civic groups etc. about the ecological disaster that the indiscriminate use and improper disposal of plastics poses today

to rid the planet of all forms of un-necessary plastic that is found in our oceans, landfills, and environmen

to leave the planet cleaner than we found it for this generation and all those that follow us.

Een extract uit hun blog:

"The numbers are staggering . . . mind numbing . . . almost impossible to comprehend. We are facing an ecological disaster of immense proportions. This is a disaster of our own making, one that could have been prevented if not predicted with precision."

En 'disaster' betekent dan weer 'ramp', dezelfde ramp die wij hier proberen te slijten, maar niemand wil ervan horen...

De link staat rechts !!

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