Monday, October 20, 2008

We want a Culture Change !

Culture Change bericht over bisphenol-A, alweer een kankerverwekkende stof in plastic, ...

Ignoring hundreds of government and academic studies showing a chemical commonly found in plastic can be harmful to lab animals at low doses, the Food and Drug Administration determined the chemical was safe based on just two industry-funded studies that didn't find harm.

En, in één moeite door, schrijven ze dit:

The assault on our oceans from plastic trash that does not biodegrade must end as soon as possible. The connection to petrochemicals and fossil fuels must be recognized and acknowledged daily. It is time to reject the filth and tragedy of plastics pollution and the related crimes -- climate change, war for oil, and species loss -- to the Earth and its people.

Plastic in the environment is like an oil spill that hit decades ago and will be with us for centuries, affecting humanity's survival. Will we now deal with this disaster and act with responsibility for our planet and our fellow life forms?

Daar sluiten wij ons graag bij aan !
Een Culture Change is wat we nodig hebben, op dit moment gaan we er van uit dat élke
menselijke handeling afval mag veroorzaken !

De site -en het artikel- van Culture Change

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